The British Medical Association (BMA) has released a ‘toolkit’ on the non-therapeutic male circumcision of children (NTMC).

You can find it on their website here.

Whilst an interesting read, this document fails to take an ethical position and makes for dismal reading and will possibly leave children vulnerable to more harm.

Of particular concern is the admission that the prevalence of NTMC in the UK is unknown. Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) showed in 2016-17 that just under 10,000 males under the age of 18 underwent circumcision on the NHS in England. It is not known however, how many of these operations, if any, were for non-therapeutic reasons as opposed to being carried out to rectify a medical condition.  In addition, the rate of circumcisions carried out privately or by religious practitioners is not recorded.

BMA Toolkit last updated 06th May 2016

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