With the world wide debate surrounding circumcision becoming more prominent with each passing year it is interesting to consider how each country will react to the practice. This year in the UK the BBC have approached the debate on multiple occasions sharing views from both sides by taking the religious opinions as expressed by the leaders of the Jewish and Islamic faiths whilst simultaneously acknowledging the perspective of some of the men who have been seriously harmed by this (usually unnecessary) practice.

Largely it comes down to a rites versus rights. (SeeChild Rights & Religious Freedoms” by Saxon Norgard).

The burden of more and more scientific research exposing the harm that can be caused and the full importance of the foreskin is straining the UK medical establishments to commit to an official stance on the subject. So far, they have managed to evade the subject yet there are numerous cases that are causing a shift where feigned ignorance will no longer suffice.

With alternatives to circumcision easily available and awareness growing, medical professionals can no longer cling to this outdated practice without first exploring less invasive methods and committing to an evidence based position.

Saxon Norgard of RightsInfo.Org wrote an article titled: “Could the UK ban infant male circumcision” and the article is still highly relevant today.

He explores what the ramifications for the UK may be if the Icelandic Bill is successful as well as some statistics on the attitudes of the general public with regards to the practice of infant male circumcision.

Although the debate is still ongoing the press have finally picked up this story ensuring a more informed public opinion, and with 62% of the public polled supporting a ban on infant circumcision and 13% against. As time goes on, these statistics are sure to continue manifesting into the public discourse as more and more men come forward sharing their stories. Whether this will lead to an outright ban of the practice remains to be seen. Time will tell.

12th June, 2019
Jason Metters, 15 Square Editor.

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