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Keeping Europe Intact: Event Expired

School of Law, University of Leeds

26th-27th April 2019

There is an emerging consensus in Northern European nations regarding a child’s right to bodily integrity. Approaches to the cutting of male, female and intersex children are provoking debate. A strengthening commitment to children’s rights and a greater understanding of the harms occasioned by some traditional practices, parental choices, and medical interventions is increasingly reflected in law and policy. This has contributed to a developing sense of American exceptionalism in this regard. As the UK leaves the European Union, this conference explores shared European values that respect all children’s rights to bodily integrity and self-determination.

Moot Court, School of Law, Leeds University

This conference will see speakers from law, philosophy, health, psychology, and other disciplines explore European developments, what we might learn from neighbouring jurisdictions, and the different directions the future might hold. Confirmed speakers include:

James Chegwidden Barrister, Old Square Chambers London
Daniela Crocetti Sociology, University of Huddersfield
Brian Earp Philosophy, Yale University
Fae Garland Law, University of Manchester
Jameson Garland Law, Uppsala University
Antony Lempert GP, Secular Medical Forum
Kai Moler Law, London School of Economics
Surya Munro Sociology, University of Huddersfield
Saxon Norgard RightsInfo, London
Rebecca Steinfeld Centre for the Body, Goldsmiths
Mitch Travis Law, University of Leeds
Michael Thomson Law, University of Leeds
Josh Warburton Law, University of Leeds
Hibo Wardere Activist, London

This conference also sees Genital Autonomy relaunch as Future Choices. This name better reflects the charity’s aim of protecting the self-determination of both children and adults. We also believe it highlights what is at stake with non-consensual interventions on the bodies of children.