About this Event

A moderated support meeting aimed at men concerned with circumcision or other foreskin issues. People may contribute or just listen. Book now.

13th JULY 2019, 10.30am – 16.00pm
£25, or £20 to 15Square members
An open meeting to discuss the psychological issues following circumcision.This day is aimed at not only the individual men involved but also their partners and families or supporters.The day will start with an interview between David Smith, the charity’s Chief Officer and Ashley Humphreys who has been physically and psychologically harmed by an unnecessary circumcision at the age of 5.

This will be followed by an open forum and discussions to try and develop better health support services for men who have been negatively affected by circumcisions. Additionally, there will be a review of some of the individual case studies and how 15 Square are attempting to address this issue.Participants will have an opportunity to meet each other and network, and express their own thoughts and opinions on this subject and to share as much as they like with regards to their own personal experiences.Lunch and refreshments will also be included.The price will be £25 or £20 to membersTo book tickets, follow this link.

It will be hosted in the community rooms at Stone Train Station, Staffordshire ST15 8LH.