Research & Publications

We are currently collating additional resources and reference documents for those who wish to learn more surrounding the topic of unwanted genital modification. We will be aiming to share academic articles that have been peer reviewed from recognised experts from multiple disciplines.

There are a wealth of resources surrounding the topic of (predominantly male) circumcision on the following website:


*Disclaimer: This is an external site. The resources provided and content therein are independent of Future Choices. Any content may not be an accurate reflection of this charity.

It is our stance that the ethical issues surrounding non-consensual genital cutting are the same regardless of gender. No consent, no medical need, no surgery. For this reason some of the documentation listed on the CIRP website may be of interest to those who are also opposed to intersex and female genital cutting.


For subscribed members on the Future Choices mailing list we also provide an extensive 90 page bibliography with abstracts and reactions to the most up to date research on circumcision, FGM and intersex issues. This is essential for those who are looking to conduct research. Some of the documents contain brief response abstracts from our advisers and trustees.