Trustees and Officials

Professor Michael Thomson (Chair)

Michael Thomson is a Professor of Health Law at the University of Leeds and the University of Technology, Sydney. His research spans health law, children’s rights, and legal theory. He has written extensively on non-therapeutic interventions on children and the regulation of reproduction. He is the author of two books (Reproducing Narrative: Gender, Reproduction & Law (1998) and Endowed: Regulating the Male Sexed Body (2008)), two edited collections (Feminist Perspectives on Healthcare Law (1998) and Exploring Masculinities: Feminist Legal Theory Reflections (2013)) and numerous articles. Recent work has explored the value of bodily integrity, the harms occasioned by male genital cutting, and the current turn to the social in the biological sciences.

Dr. Clare Chambers

Clare Chambers is Reader in Political Philosophy and a Fellow of Jesus College, University of Cambridge. She is the author of Against Marriage: An Egalitarian Defence of the Marriage-Free State (Oxford University Press, 2017); Sex, Culture, and Justice: The Limits of Choice (Penn State University Press, 2008); Teach Yourself Political Philosophy: A Complete Introduction (with Phil Parvin, Hodder, 2012); and numerous articles and chapters on feminist and liberal political philosophy.

Dr. Mitchell Travis

Dr Mitchell Travis (PhD) is the Deputy Director of the Centre for Law and Social Justice at the University of Leeds. He has published widely in the area of gender, sex and law in journals such as Legal Studies, Social and Legal Studies, European Law Journal and Medical Law Review. Mitchell has contributed to reports on intersex in the UK and Norway and advised the UK Government Equalities Office on their Gender Recognition Act Consultation and Call for Evidence on Variations of Sex Characteristics.

Richard Duncker

“I was always keen to work in motion pictures and after working in the industry, and studying at art school I found a freelance job in a TV station working on documentaries. I became fascinated by the stories of real people and went on to work as a film editor in a busy current affairs and documentary department for most of my working life. In later years I have been a snowboard instructor and Yoga teacher. Now retired, I volunteer as a videographer for Future Choices, amongst other charities, and campaign for the rights of children to avoid unnecessary genital modification.” – Richard Duncker

Duncan Marshall

A former retail banking adviser, Duncan offers his expertise regarding funding, donations and accounts. He has been with us for 3 years and is dedicated to multiple charities.

We are supported by an international advisory board from various countries and academic disciplines including Tommi Paalanen (Finland), Daisuke Onuki (Japan), Yuki Higashi (Japan), Brian Earp (USA) and other representatives around the world.

Our board of trustees is headed by a professor of law. For information on each individual trustee member please see the details listed below.

David Smith (Chief Officer)

Our Chief Officer David Smith qualified in business studies and worked for a number of international companies before joining the charity sector in 2002. He is also the Chief Officer of 15 Square, a charity helping men who have been damaged by circumcision. Previously he worked for Re-Solv, a charity dealing with problems caused by solvent abuse.  He is the Chair of trustees of AEDdonate, a pan-UK charity working to provide defibrillators for public access and a lay representative at the Keele University School of Medicine.